Your own brand

Kylie Jenner launched her Kylie Skin line. But she is not the only celebrity with her own line of cosmetics: Miranda Kerr (Kora Organics), Drew Berrymore (Flower Beauty) and Jessica Alba (the Honest Company) to name a few. Everyday, more and more influencers and companies are getting into the cosmetics business. So, could this be the time to launch your own brand?

There is something brewing on the horizon. As it seems, even celebrities are ditching their sponsored partnerships and launch their own brands instead. Influencers on social media and webshops are taking notice and follow their lead.

Selling your own line of cosmetics is fulfilling and amazing. Take it from me – I’ve been selling my own brand of skincare for the last 10 years and I still love every second of it. There is something truly addictive about the raving reviews of customers, knowing that your product impacted their life (and skin)!


Get started

So, how do you start your own line? First, you have to think well about your vision, brand, logo and strategy. What kind of products do you want in your line? How do plan to sell your product once it’s ready?

Maybe you own a webshop, a beauty salon, social media channel or boutique. Or are you more into e-commerce? 

There is no question that you can build a profitable cosmetic company through private label, as it’s margins are usually very good.

Usually, starting your own brand requires a big investment, as the minimum order quantities (MOQ) are high. Volumes like 5000 or 10.000 pieces per product are normal. And that’s no problem, if your name is Ms. Jenner and your Kylie Skin Kit is sold out before has even seen a stock room. For most (start-up) companies and entrepeneurs these volumes are simply too high to start with. And that’s where we make a difference. Because our manufacturing process is very flexible, we can start your brand from just 12 pieces per item. And if you make it big and your products are selling out quickly, we can just as easily produce 10.000 pieces as well!

If you like to know more about the possibilities of starting your own brand of cosmetics, please contact us and ask for our product catalogue and prices.