We specialize in natural haircare. Silicone-free is standard in most of our standard options! Our extracts, plant oils, peptides and actives make high-tech hair products suited for your haircare business!

Haircare options

Do you prefer natural haircare? Or an extreme hold gel, paste or clay?
Our hair product range has different textures to choose from.
Want your own custom formulation? Read more information HERE.




Here, at Private Label Beauty, we take pride in our crafted natural haircare products.

From hair-growth shampoo and serums to silicone-free conditioners, we can help you create an awesome hair product line.
Anti-dandruff products and care for damaged and colored hair are available as standard formulations.


“I regret taking such good care of my hair”

Said no one ever

If you’re looking for styling products, don’t look any further. Waxes, gels, clays, pastes from low to extreme hold: we’ve got the lot.

Barbershop specialties such as pomade are standard, so you can easily start your own brand line of barbershop or salon products.

Need a custom product? Contact us with your wishes and product specifications.

Why do a private label or white label?

If you would like to know more about why a private label or white label could be interesting for your company, brand or start-up, please read our BLOG
Many celebrity hairstylist and businesses are launching their own cosmetic brands, such as Rita Hazan (Rita Hazanand Jen Atkins, stylist to the Kardashians (Ouai)

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